APAS Technology  - AI and Digital Imaging

The Automated Plate Assessment System (APAS) technology brings intelligent plate reading to microbiology opening up a world of technological possibilities. The technology uses sophisticated algorithms to capture and read full plates, bi-plates and multiple agar types, categorising and differentiating between colonies independent of agar and artefacts. The APAS technology offers the potential for multiple applications across modern pathology and into other areas of healthcare. It first received FDA clearance when it was applied to a manual reader, the APAS Compact and now as part of the APAS Independence.

APAS Independence

Using the innovative APAS technology, the APAS Independence is a stand-alone automated culture plate reading instrument that not only screens plates, but also sorts them into significant and insignificant growth at a rate of 200 plates per hour. It accurately and efficiently identifies organism morphologies and quantifies growth, providing microbiologists with quality imaging and reports to review further. It also identifies negative plates and by removing them out of the workflow, provides laboratories with more time to focus on plates of significance. With a variety of Analysis Modules and plate media variations laboratories only need to pay for the modules they need.


APAS Analysis Modules

The APAS Analysis Modules are the intelligent image analysis software modules that work together with the APAS Independence to enable screening of the most common pathogens in a given clinical context. A separate Analysis Module is developed for each of the most common specimen types such as urine and infection control screening. The Analysis Modules allow the APAS Independence to detect the presence of bacterial growth on an agar plate, determine how much growth is present on the agar plate, differentiate between common colony morphologies, generate meaningful test reports for the sample and alerting microbiologists where additional tests may be required. Currently available are the APAS Urine Analysis Module and the APAS MRSA Analysis Module with more in continual development.


APAS Independence Assisted Laboratory

APAS Independence Accessories

Qualification Tools provided with the APAS Independence have been designed to assure the reliability and correct function of the APAS Independence instrument by performing system checks. Two sizes of carriers for input and output of plates are also included with the instrument.

Imaging Diagnostic

Colour Calibrator

System Check Part 1

System Check Part 2

Camera Alignment Check

Single Stack Carrier

Quad Carrier