Automated Plate Assessment System

The APAS technology is based on an intelligent imaging system using proprietary machine learning algorithms.

The “Analysis Modules” used in the APAS Independence are designed to work with many different types of popular agar used around the world.

The APAS Independence has been designed to work with the most popular brands of media used in microbiology labs.

The APAS Independence has a modest footprint of 2000mm by 800mm – the instrument is floor standing and requires no bench space.

The APAS Independence does not require any specific culturing method. Laboratories can continue to use their current automated or manual system.

The APAS Independence does not require specific incubators.

The APAS independence is designed to “fit in” with your current workflow by triaging the negatives out and allowing work to begin sooner on those plates that need it.

Currently the APAS Independence will be available for sale in Australia and Europe in the second quarter of 2018. It is estimated to be on sale in the USA from mid 2018.

Please contact us to organise a trial of the instrument in your lab.

The APAS Compact was the first version of the instrument to use the APAS technology and while plate handling is manual the APAS technology is fully automatic.

This instrument has received marketing clearance by the FDA on the basis of the performance of the APAS technology. It is not available for sale. The APAS Independence utilises the APAS technology and is a stand alone culture plate reading instrument that not only screens plates but also sorts them into significant and insignificant growth at a rate of 200 plates an hour.

St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne and Labor Dr Wisplinghoff in Cologne, Germany.