Embracing Automation

On average, plate results present a high percentage of non-significant or negative samples (up to 70% for Urine and 95% for MRSA). Being able to automatically triage these out of the workflow provides significant time savings.

Furthermore, using skilled staff wisely is essential to managing workflows. With the APAS Independence, skilled microbiologists can focus on more complex tasks that require their expertise resulting in a more streamlined workflow.


Improve your team’s efficiency and streamline laboratory workflows with technology that is three times faster than a trained microbiologist.


Receive consistent and reliable reports from a market-leading, tried and tested instrument.

Staff satisfaction

Focus microbiologists on complex, significant growth plates that require their expertise for accelerated patient care.

Cost effective

Only pay for what you need thanks to APAS Independence’s modular system, with the option to add additional capabilities via extra modules.

Accelerated results

Analyse results more swiftly, facilitating faster delivery of patient test results.

Designed by Microbiologists

The APAS Independence triages plates using sophisticated machine learning algorithms built on input from real microbiologists and computer vision experts. The algorithms are specific for specimen type and media used, and can quantify growth and identify organism morphologies. These results are then processed by decision packages based on national and international guidelines. The instrument provides consistent reproducible results and is as accurate as a highly experienced microbiologist.

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