APAS-AMR is the newest addition to the Clever Culture Systems suite of analysis modules, intelligent image analysis software for the APAS Independence. APAS-AMR is built upon Clever Culture Systems artificial intelligence (AI) image analysis platform to read and interpret disc diffusion plates for the detection of antimicrobial susceptibility.

Status: Coming soon

Need for APAS-AMR

In 2019 the World Health Organisation identified the growth of antimicrobial resistance as one of the top ten global health threats and released a Global Action Plan to increase antimicrobial stewardship awareness. In the US, over 2.8 million antimicrobial resistant infections occur each year causing >35,000 deaths.

Millions of antimicrobial susceptibility tests (ASTs) are performed around the world each day by trained microbiologists to direct the appropriate antimicrobial treatment for patients. Clinical laboratories’ role is essential in antimicrobial stewardship in providing clinicians with critical data to inform treatment for their patients in a timely manner. Disc diffusion testing remains one of primary methods for conducting ASTs, but these tests are time consuming requiring accurate measurements to be made across the plate.

“The APAS Independence automates the reading of our culture plates, increasing the efficiency of our lab and redistributing staff who can now focus on other more value added activities. Adding APAS-AMR, antimicrobial susceptible testing to the APAS Independence suite of technologies increases the clinical utility even further enabling laboratories like ours to adapt automation, flexibility, and advances in reporting structures to combat the global public health threat of laboratory detection of antimicrobial resistance.”

Dr Glen Hansen, Current APAS Independence User, Director of Microbiology, Hennepin County Medical Center, Minneapolis, US

Challenges for Microbiology Labs

Variability of results

Inefficient use of resources

Time consuming

Workplace safety

APAS-AMR Features and Benefits

Accurate measurement of zone of inhibition

S.I.R. Interpretation with EUCAST and CLSI rules

Quality control features, such as lawn quality check

Web based user interface to review results

Automatic detection of D-Zone and Keyhole effects

High-throughput and rapid plate reading:
>200 plates per hour

APAS-AMR Web Report

Mueller Hinton plate showing measurement of zones of inhibition in antibiotic susceptibility testing.


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