Automated Culture Plate Reading

Using the innovative APAS technology, the APAS Independence is a stand-alone automated culture plate reading instrument that not only screens plates, but also sorts them into significant and non-significant growth at a rate of 200 plates per hour. The APAS Independence saves you time by automatically reporting plates showing no growth and/or no significant growth, thereby removing them out of the workflow, freeing up resources to focus on other tasks.

With a variety of Analysis Modules supporting numerous plate media and specimen types, laboratories are able to build a tailored solution suitable for their workflow.

APAS Independence Product Brochure

APAS-AMR Analysis Module Brochure

Infection Control Analysis Module Brochure

Urine Analysis Module Brochure


Improve your team’s efficiency and streamline laboratory workflows with technology that is three times faster than a trained microbiologist.


Receive consistent and reliable reports from a market-leading, tried and tested instrument.

Staff satisfaction

Focus microbiologists on complex, significant growth plates that require their expertise for accelerated patient care.

Cost effective

Only pay for what you need thanks to APAS Independence’s modular system, with the option to add additional capabilities via extra modules.

Accelerated results

Analyse results more swiftly, facilitating faster delivery of patient test results.

Optimise staff utilisation

Increase your lab's capacity by freeing up microbiologists to focus on value added tasks.


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