APAS Independence high throughput screening for MRSA

Install date: April-2018

APAS Analysis Module: MRSA

Daily Plates Processed by APAS: 1,000-2,000 plates per day

Labor Dr Wisplinghoff operates one of the largest clinical microbiology laboratories in Western Europe. Based in Cologne, Germany, the facility is a globally recognised technology leader with over 40 medical specialists covering all areas of pathology.

The APAS Independence with MRSA Analysis Module was installed as the laboratory sought new technology solutions to assist with their daily MRSA culture plate screening volume (2,000 plates per day). The lab operates a fully automated workflow including total laboratory automation and dedicated upfront specimen processing systems. The APAS Independence was installed alongside these existing systems and used for processing MRSA culture specimens. Benefits to the lab included:

  • Rapid screening of MRSA culture plates
  • Automated reporting of negative results
  • Reallocation of resources to greater value added tasks

“It’s really exiting to be at forefront of this development. The potential impact of artificial intelligence in the lab is great.”

“I don’t see actually any process of recognition or interpretation in the laboratory that cannot be greatly aided by rightly trained artificial intelligence so its very exciting to see that it’s moving forward and making its way to reality.”

Professor Hilmar Wilsplinghoff, Laboratory Director

Since completing the study, the APAS Independence has been installed within the lab as part of their routine clinical workflow. The instrument connects directly to the Lab’s LIS system, enabling automated reporting of negative results.

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