APAS Independence Streamlining Urine Workflows

Install date: November-2018

APAS Analysis Module: Urine AM

St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne are a public healthcare service as part of the St Vincent’s Health Australia group. The microbiology facility is a multi-disciplinary laboratory providing diagnostic services to both public and private patients in the 880-bed hospital.

In November 2018, St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne became the first laboratory in the world to install the APAS Independence, providing the catalyst to streamline their urine culture plate workflow and free up critical microbiologist availability for more complex tasks. The laboratory has a reputation for being early adopters of technology and have remained a great advocate for the technology, supporting the ongoing development of new analysis modules.

Staff at the laboratory have responded positively to the introduction of the APAS Independence, citing the ease of use and adoption of the technology as well as the simplified workflow as major advantages of the instrument.

St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne

“It has been a pleasure to work with St Vincent’s as first adopters of the APAS Independence. Seeing how the team have embraced the technology within their laboratory has been a great positive and reinforced our approach to building technologies that are designed for seamless workflow integration.”

“St Vincent’s continued support and insights has helped shape the future development of the APAS Independence.”

Steven Giglio, Clever Culture Systems Scientific Director

St Vincent Poster