Bringing the APAS Independence into your Laboratory

The APAS Independence has been designed for straightforward integration into your laboratory, avoiding the common challenges associated with the implementation of laboratory automation. The instrument has a small footprint and is on wheels, so it can literally be rolled into place without major disruption to the lab. All it requires is standard power and ethernet connection, and it is ready to run.

Installation at London’s Halo Laboratory

The APAS Independence was installed at Health Services Laboratory (HSL), London by our service partner, oneservice. Onsite installation was completed in less than one day with remote training and support conducted with HSL staff. By day two the APAS Independence was up and running and operational within the laboratory.

Laboratory Information System Integration

Plate results and images from the APAS Independence are available for review via the APAS web interface, enabling your team to easily access reports directly from their workstation. The results from all plates analysed by the APAS Independence are also exported directly to your laboratory information system.

The LIS interface can be connected, via:

  • Directly through a standard HL7 interface
  • Through a middleware driver for extra configurability. Current middleware options include Data Innovations Instrument Manager.
LIS Integration of APAS Independence

APAS Independence Web Reports


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Product Support

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When you come to rely on an instrument you know you need quick, reliable, and effective field engineering support. Clever Culture Systems know this and has built a network of experienced and customer focussed support staff on both the software and the hardware aspects of the APAS Independence.

We work with you when installing the instrument to seamlessly integrate it within your laboratory workflow. Our user focussed design ensures this process is as smooth as possible with the installation and calibration process typically completed in one day.

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