Intelligent Automation for your Laboratory

The APAS Independence delivers automated culture plate reading for your lab. Using cutting-edge machine learning algorithms, it removes plates with no significant growth (up to 70% for Urine and 95% for MRSA) to save time in your lab AND reduce operational overheads to improve patient care.

The APAS Independence Streamlines your Workflow

APAS Independence generates actionable results, freeing up time for microbiologists. Simply load the instrument with plates following incubation, start a session and walk away. APAS Independence identifies and reports plates with no significant growth, removing them from the workflow. The APAS Independence will process 200 plates per hour and interfaces to any Laboratory Information Management System.

Efficiencies are gained throughout the laboratory, as skilled staff are freed up to focus on more complex tasks that require their expertise.

APAS Independence Workflow Diagram
APAS Independence Workflow


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Save time on your Urine bench

Use the APAS Urine analysis module to automatically screen your urine cultures.

  • Automatically send out negative results with confidence for immediate clinical action
  • Triage positive results for earlier review enabling faster antibiotic treatment optimisation
  • Create time for staff
Urine Culture Screening
Effectively screen your Infection Control cultures

Effectively screen your Infection Control cultures

The infection control analysis modules deliver high-throughput culture-based screening of chromogenic media for the presence of colonies indicative of MRSA and VRE. Earlier negative results facilitate better bed and isolation practice management, in turn delivering valuable cost savings to the organisation.

See how you compare to the APAS Independence

You will be shown a variety of urine samples on blood agar which have been incubated for 18 hours and the clinical notes that came with the specimen.

Categorise the plates into Significant Growth, No Significant Growth or No Growth and see how your results compare to the APAS Independence.

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Is APAS Independence right for your laboratory?

The Automation Justification Tool* is a widely recognised tool used by businesses to gauge the benefits of automation. It provides a simple comparative overview of the efficiencies automation can provide in your current situation.

The tool is quick to use and captures real data such as current staff costs, operational savings resulting from the automation, strategic priorities and the cost of the instrument implementation. Test if the APAS Independence could have Strategic and Economic advantages for your laboratory.

*Tool guided by information from The Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening.

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