Clinical evaluation of the APAS® Independence

Automated imaging and interpretation of urine cultures using artificial intelligence with composite reference standard…

Comparison of an Automated Plate Assessment System and Artificial Intelligence

An evaluation of the APAS Independence’s ability to accurately triage MRSA cultures compared to human interpretation.

Intelligent Automation – the first US Use of the APAS Independence Delivering Artificial Intelligence for Clinical Microbiology Automation

Dr Glen Hansen's Poster on Intelligent Automation presented at the American Society of Microbiology (ASM) Microbe in…

Evaluation of APAS® Independence for routine urine culture reading within a private clinical setting

As culture reading can be highly subjective and time-demanding the use of artificial intelligence such as the APAS®…

Introduction of artificial intelligence for high throughput culture-based MRSA screening

AI-based systems that aid in the plate-reading process may increase the overall sample throughput.

Image Interpretation of urine cultures using APAS Independence – artificial intelligence in the routine clinical laboratory

Despite significant developments in automation, microbiology remains a highly manual and labour-intensive discipline.

Multicenter Evaluation of an Image Analysis Device (APAS)

Comparison Between Digital Image and Traditional Plate Reading Using Urine Cultures.

Observations on variations in manual reading of cultures

The subject of laboratory error was examined during a symposium at the ASM Microbe 2016 conference in Boston, MA.

Initial Evaluation of an Image Analysis Device for the Screening of Cultures from Clinical Specimens

In recent years there has been an increase in the application of image analysis technologies within the clinical…

Evaluation of an Image Analysis Device (APAS) for Screening Urine Cultures

While advancements have been made in some areas of pathology with diagnostic materials being screened using image…


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